• Network access available completely through the World Wide Web.
  • Only a Web browser and Internet access is required to start trading. No other software required.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface makes EDI document trading simple to understand and manage.
  • Send and receive documents in just about any format. Our Network converts documents to and from EDI formats automatically and transparently.
  • Receive human readable documents in place of EDI formats or have a custom database format created for importing into your existing systems.
  • View, print, and save your incoming EDI transmissions straight from your Web browser.
  • Use our optional Turnaround Interface to receive documents, edit the data and send the results back to your partner without leaving your browser. For example, receive a purchase order, view it, edit it and send your partner an invoice based on the results.
  • Trade EDI documents with any partner, anywhere. Vantree is interconnected to all the major EDI networks.
  • Our secured Web servers ensure all data in transit between you and Vantree is encrypted for total privacy.
  • Our knowledgeable, helpful EDI customer service representatives guide you through the implementation process and do all the legwork such as contacting partners, setting up interconnects, etc.
  • Low implementation and document transmission costs.
  • System supports multiple trading partners, transaction sets, and EDI standards/revisions.
  • Our Customer Support is available around the clock.

Of major concern to us are the costs involved for you to become EDI capable. The upfront costs, which can be excessive with an in-house system, are kept to a bare minimum with Web EDI. We are also quite aware that, as your company grows, your EDI volume is likely to grow as well. Vantree Systems is committed to keeping those monthly costs from spiralling out of control by applying progressive discounting based on your volume.

One final note. When you buy any EDI solution you are, in effect, placing your trust in the vendor you choose. Badly implemented solutions can have an effect on profits and cash flow. We realize that and take your trust in us seriously. We begin by assigning an EDI coordinator to your account. This person is your contact for everything related to EDI whether it is a technical issue, pricing issue, implementation issue, etc... This means the buck stops at that coordinator's desk. In effect that person becomes your employee, subject to your business philosophies and goals.