These are some of the questions we hear most often regarding Web EDI...

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My trading partner is on another EDI network. Can the Vantree network communicate with my trading partner?
Yes. Vantree is interconnected to most of the major networks. If your trading partner is on a lesser known network not currently supported, in most cases Vantree can create the connection to the required network.
I have no in-house software at all! What's the minimum I'll need to get started?
Other than a PC and Internet access you probably don't need anything at all. In most situations you can use our Turnaround Service to create new documents from existing inbound EDI documents received from your partners. If you receive a purchase order from your partner and he expects an invoice back then Vantree's Turnaround Service will do the job for you. You can even edit the data before you send it from inside your browser!
What standards, versions/releases, and transaction sets does the system support?
Vantree is committed to staying current on all the latest standards, versions, and transaction sets. We support most of the commercially used standards and versions. If your trading partner requires a lesser-used older or recently released newer standard/version, Vantree can support it as needed.
Can my Web EDI account handle more than one trading partner, more than one transaction set and multiple standards/versions?
Yes. Each document you trade through The Vantree EDI Network is mapped (translated) to the specific standard/version your partner requires. It is then forwarded to your trading partner's mailbox. We accomplish this by creating unique document maps on our network specifically for each partner/document you are trading. When you send a document through our network the system automatically knows what to do with the transaction based on its contents.
In what format can I receive my EDI documents?
This is up to you. You can receive your documents in a wide variety formats including: An EDI document, an XML document, a text document, a comma or tab delimited format for importing into other applications, or to a Web page which you can view on-line and simply print out. Vantree can also support custom formats your business may require.
In what format can I send my documents?
The Vantree Network can accept a variety of formats for conversion into the EDI format that your trading partner requires. In most cases you can simply export documents directly out of your existing accounting system or word processor for uploading to the network. If you have no format to work with Vantree can give you one to follow.
What if the document I can export out of my system for sending to my partner does not contain all the necessary information to create the EDI document?
During the set-up process your Vantree representative would identify this. Vantree can store additional info (UPC codes for example) on the network that your document translation map will use to create the complete EDI transaction.
How does the Vantree EDI Network protect my data?
The Vantree EDI Network Web site uses SSL encryption technology and our authenticated server uses a digital ID obtained from industry leader Verisign. This means all data passed from our server to your browser is encrypted in transit so nobody can see your information. In addition Vantree uses a disk mirroring system and maintains an off-site, redundant server. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure all of the data on The Vantree Network is safely stored and can be restored in minutes.
How are functional acknowledgements handled?
Vantree has made them transparent to the end user. All document acknowledgements are handled and tracked by Vantree internally. We do not charge for the sending, receiving and set-up of functional acknowledgments.
How do I add a trading partner to the system?
By advising Vantree by e-mail or fax the name and the contact information of the partner you want to add. A Vantree representative will take care of the rest and will advise you as to the next step.
What do I do if my Internet provider is down or I can't get onto the Internet?
Vantree offers emergency support services such as dial-up and document fax service.
My trading partner has given me deadlines to implement EDI. How long does it take to set-up?
VThis depends. Setting up 1-2 documents with a partner can take from 2 to 4 weeks. It usually depends on the testing schedules of the larger trading partners.
If our EDI transmissions do not have to pass through the network of a third party network, is there a saving in transmission charges?
Yes. Vantree offers a pricing scheme for transmissions involving a third party network and for transmissions that involve only The Vantree Network.
I have a question that does not appear here. Can anyone help me?
Absolutely. Call us at 1-800-747-0350 or email us at sales@vantree.com and we'll get back to you very shortly.