VAN Xpress


VAN Xpress is an interchange pass-thru service that allows you to send fully formed, compliant EDI documents to your trading partners. By not translating data or verifying the validity of your documents we can offer this service at a discounted rate. Normally, only well informed EDI personnel would opt for this service as it requires an in-depth knowledge of EDI practices.

We use Internet based protocols to exchange documents with our clients. If your trading partner is on another network, an interconnect is created between Vantree and your partners VAN in order to facilitate document exchange. VAN Xpress allows you to specify the urgency of documents. For example, time critical documents such as ASN's can be sent with a high priority for a nominal fee while non-critical documents such as Catalogues and Inventory Reports can be sent with a low or medium priority. Careful use of priority messaging can drastically reduce your overall EDI expenditures.