Van Xpress


Here are some of the highlights of Vantree's VAN Xpress Service

  • Uses Internet Protocols. A separate dialup profile is not necessary.
  • Pass-thru processing ensures you pay as little as possible to deliver your documents.
  • Priority messaging makes sure you're time critical documents are sent as soon as possible.
  • Works with any in-house EDI software capable of using internet protocols to transfer documents.
  • Supports all standards and versions.
  • Supports both ISA/GS envelopes as well as *GE envelopes.
  • Support available around the clock.


The following Hardware and/or Software are required to access VAN Xpress.

  • Any computer capable of accessing the Internet (PC, Apple, UNIX, etc...)
  • Internet Access
  • An E-Mail client and/or FTP Client
  • The software necessary to produce EDI compliant documents