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These are some of the questions we hear most often regarding VAN Xpress...

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What does Interchange Pass-Thru mean?
Pass-Thru means that the documents you send us are passed on to your partner or Interconnect without any translation, mapping or verification on our part. Document Pass-Thru means that the document is checked for EDI compliance. Interchange Pass-Thru means only the envelope (ISA/GS or *GE) is checked. At the moment, VAN Xpress only supports Interchange Pass-Thru.
Are 997's handled in the same way as with Web EDI?
No. With Web EDI, the 997's are automatically generated by the system and are free. With VAN Xpress, the client takes responsibility for sending their own 997's and are charged the same Kilo Character rate as with any other type of document.
Can we switch over to Web EDI later on if we decide we'd rather not maintain our own system?
Yes, Vantree will waive the Activation Fee for any client that wishes to switch to Web EDI. Your trading partnerships will remain intact so your partner will not notice any disruption in communication during the switchover.
Will I receive bigger discounts as my volume grows?
Vantree has aggressive discounting rates for client with expanding volume. These rates are designed to keep your EDI costs as low as possible. When you sign up for VAN Xpress service we will try to design a rate schedule that suits your needs. If, later on, you feel that your volume warrants a further rate change we will try to accommodate you as best we can.
Can I use ASN Builder with VAN Xpress?
No. ASN Builder needs Web EDI to send out your ASN documents. You can, however, set up a separate account on Web EDI that will act as your ASN application. You can then have the resulting EDI compliant ASN sent to your VAN Xpress mailbox or to your partner as required. Please note that you must have an active Web EDI account to do this.
What protocols do you support with VAN Xpress?
Currently, we support documents via FTP and e-mail. FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, requires that you use an FTP client such as Cute FTP. The e-mail option requires a standard e-mail client that supports attachments.
How long does it take to implement a partnership with VAN Xpress?
Your partnership will be activated within 24 hours of making the request. Please remember that it is your responsibility to advise your Trading Partner of the ID and Qualifiers you will be using (for both the ISA as well as GS segments).
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