EDI Solutions Partners

“EDI deployments that are pain free, easy to use, and delivered with a human touch are what customers want and what we continually strive to deliver.”
- Scott Brooks, President, Vantree Systems

Providing EDI solutions and services since 1994, Vantree has built an extensive list of over 1000 trading partners including Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Macy's, Kruger, Home Hardware, Staples, Target, Walgreens, Zellers, Canadian Tire, National Grocers (Loblaw’s), IGA, Metro, Sobeys’s, Rona, Reno Depot to name but a few.

In addition, Vantree has built an extensive distribution network of ERP, System Integration and Referral Partners. These mutually beneficial alliances were established in an effort to deliver complete business solutions to our customers.

Human Touch Partner Referral Program

System integrators and software providers are often called upon to recommend and provide EDI solutions. At Vantree, we recognize that EDI solutions are not your core business — they're ours. And we understand that our business is accelerated by the success of organizations likes yours. So when you show confidence by recommending Vantree EDI solutions to your customers, we believe you should benefit financially.

Vantree's Human Touch Referral Program is unique in the industry — not only does your organization make money when activating new customers on the Vantree EDI network, but you also receive a share of the recurring monthly revenues.

The Vantree team will support your EDI sales efforts in every way we can.

By working together, we firmly believe that we can both enjoy tremendous success in helping organizations everywhere smoothly transition to a fully compliant EDI solution.

As a referral partner, you will join an elite corps of software providers and system integrators whose customers benefit from a well deployed and well supported EDI solution.

Benefits for Referral Partners

  • Complete your offering with a proven EDI solution
  • Profit from passing leads
  • Make money on new EDI activations
  • Get a slice of the monthly recurring EDI revenues

Have questions or interested in becoming a partner?
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