Outsourced EDI

“We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with Vantree. They have been a tremendous asset to us we truly consider them an extension of our company.”
- Albert Furtado, VP Customer Service, Metro Canada Logistics

When a business decides to invest in an in-house EDI system (software and hardware) and associated personnel, this initial undertaking may seem like a very attractive endeavour. The thought of an upfront capital expense combined with the personnel to handle the creation of new EDI maps and supporting trading partner relationships in return for lower EDI transaction costs seems extremely attractive.

Quickly thereafter however, organizations begin to realize that what seemed like a sound business decision actually turns out to be quite the contrary. Their initial investment becomes an expensive cost center — high employee turnover, on-going software maintenance costs, and strained relationships with trading partners only accentuate the fact the EDI is not their core competency.

Why Outsource your EDI to a Managed Service?

The primary benefit to outsourcing is cost savings is in the area of staffing, but other gains are possible in the areas of software, maintenance, and error handling. There are also intangible benefits such as improved trading partner relationships, decreased ramp-up time with new trading partners, decreased down-time, on-demand mapping resource availability, and reducing or eliminating a department not in line with the business' core competencies. Click the link below to find out more...

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