About Vantree Systems

“Customer Care, Customer Care, Customer Care – it’s engrained in our corporate culture.”
- Jean Papillion, Channel Manager, Vantree Systems

Founded in 1994, Vantree Systems is a pioneer in providing secure, cost effective EDI solutions to companies of all sizes. A leader in its market, Vantree Systems has proven, year over year, to provide its customers with seamless, secure and compliant EDI Integrations to a wide variety of disparate systems. Whether customers are looking for AS2 compliant solutions or the integration of disparate systems, Vantree has both the experience and technical capabilities to provide its customers the "EDI peace of mind" they are looking for — allowing them to focus on their core business. While we're extremely proud of our technological achievements (our founder has been involved in EDI for over 20 years) what really sets us apart is the close attention we provide our customers.

EDI Solutions with a Human Touch™

At Vantree, we understand that our customer's core business is not EDI — that's ours. For many, moving to an EDI compliant solution seems like a daunting task — making the importance of selecting an EDI provider that is sensitive to this extremely critical. We take absolute pride in the fact that, with over 15 years in business, we have been able to retain over 99 % of our customers. Considering the competitive nature of our business — How do we do this?

It's called the human touch. Embedded in our corporate philosophy is the absolute notion that our customer is king. Over the years, we have helped companies of all sizes migrate from a manual, data entry based process to an integrated and automated EDI solution. We understand the technical issues that can arise and the pitfalls to avoid — most members of our technical staff have been with us from the inception of our company — so there is nothing they haven't encountered. But more importantly, we understand our customer's anxiety and strive to make each new installation as seamless to the customer as possible. While most of our competitors provide you a toll free number to call their "customer service" hotline — we provide you a dedicated EDI professional focused on you — that's right — you can call them directly. Whether your EDI environment requires a standard or custom made solution — our experienced technical staff will be with you each step of the way. We call it "EDI Solutions with a Human Touch™".

If it's your first time looking for an EDI solution or are simply fed up with your existing provider not giving you the attention you so richly deserve — give us a call and we'll gladly tell you about our company and solutions.

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