ASN Builder

ASN Builder is a companion product to Web EDI. It allows you to interactively create Advance Ship Notices or ASN's that reflect a pending shipment to your partner. It uses data collected from incoming Purchase Orders to build a skeleton document. You can then specify additional information as required by the partner. Once you are satisfied with the ASN you can save it for later editing or send it to your partner.

One important aspect of ASN Builder is that it is integrated with Seagull Scientifics Bartender® allowing you to print UCC-128 labels to be placed on your pallets and/or cartons. Since the sequence of UCC numbers is controlled by ASN Builder, you can ask for reprints as you need them without affecting the outcome of the ASN.

The most powerful aspect of ASN Builder is its ability to dynamically render your ASN according to your partner's specifications. This means that each partner you have can contain any of the following ASN levels: Shipment, Trailer, Pallet, Tare, Carton, Item and SubItem. The only required level is Shipment. All the other levels are only shown if they are used by your partner.

As with Web EDI, ASN builder can also access your private database on Vantree Servers to fill in data that would be too cumbersome to rekey on every ASN. Things like Product descriptions and UPC codes can be stored with us for use by your users in creating an ASN (or any other document for that matter).

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