ASN Builder


Here are some of the highlights of Vantree Systems ASN Builder:

  • Accessed completely through the World Wide Web.
  • Only a Web browser and Internet access is required to start building ASN's. Unless you need to print UCC-128 labels, no other software is required.
  • The simple and intuitive interface uses a tree control to render your ASN graphically making it easier to understand.
  • Builds a UCC-128 label file that can be printed with Bartender®.
  • Allows you to save ASN's indefinitely before sending them so you can enter data as it becomes available to you.
  • View and print a detailed, customized pick list directly from your browser to help your warehouse personnel build pallets and cartons the way you require.
  • Avoid costly errors by specifying what kind of data validation should be used on each element of the ASN.
  • Create an unlimited number of ASN profiles for all your partners. Each profile can specify the exact ASN structure to be used.
  • Our secured Web servers ensure all data in transit between you and Vantree is encrypted for total privacy.
  • Our knowledgeable, helpful EDI account managers guide you through the implementation process and take the legwork out of your hands.
  • Low implementation cost and no additional transmission costs.
  • Customer Support available around the clock.


The following Hardware and/or Software are required to access ASN Builder.

  • Any computer capable of accessing the Internet (PC, Apple, UNIX, etc...)
  • Internet Access
  • A Browser (IE or NS6+)
  • An active Web EDI account with Vantree Systems
  • A Web EDI map to convert the ASN Builder data into an EDI Document
  • Bartender® and a printer if you need to print labels

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