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What is an ASN?
ASN stands for Advance Ship Notice. It is an electronic document that lets your partner know that you have (or will shortly) send them a shipment of goods. It specifies details of the shipment such as the Carrier used and the Bill of Lading number. It also spells out the composition of the shipment: How many pallets, what is on each pallet and what is in each carton. There is also an identification number for each pallet/carton that matches up to the UCC-128 number printed on the label that is attached to each physical pallet or carton. This way, your partners receiving department can match up the data in the ASN with each carton received. Usually, an ASN is sent 24 hours before the shipment leaves your building making an ASN a very time critical document.
My trading partner requires me to send two different structures depending on which Distribution Center is the receiver. Can ASN Builder handle this?
Yes. You can create as many profiles as you need to satisfy your partners’ requirements. Simply choose the profile needed for each document.
I have no in-house software at all! What's the minimum I'll need to get started?
Other than a PC and Internet access you may not need anything at all. If you need to print labels you will need to get Bartender® and a printer.
What type of printer do I need to print labels?
Bartender® supports most modern printers. Larger installations should consider getting a thermal printer as they are built to handle increased capacity. Please visit Seagull Scientific for more information on when and how to use thermal printers with Bartender®.
Will I need to get any scanning equipment?
Not to produce an ASN. You may want to consider an inexpensive scanner that you can use to test the integrity and readability of your printed labels but this is not a requirement.
How does ASN Builder interact with Web EDI?
When a Purchase Order is received by Web EDI, the document is mapped and certain information crucial to the generation of an ASN is stored for later retrieval by ASN Builder. Once you generate your ASN, you tell ASN Builder to release it to Web EDI at which point it is sent to your partner.
Does Vantree sell Bartender®?
Yes, Vantree is a certified reseller of all Seagull Scientifics’ products. You can purchase Bartender® by phone at 514-747-0350
How long does it take to implement ASN Builder?
If you are already a Web EDI customer and have an active trading partnership with the intended receiver, we can setup ASN Builder quite quickly, usually within 2 weeks. We may need some additional time to produce your UCC-128 template if you require labels.
How does Vantree protect my data?
The entire Vantree Network uses SSL encryption technology and our authenticated server uses a digital ID obtained from industry leader Verisign. This means all data passed from our server to your browser is encrypted in transit so nobody can see your information. In addition Vantree uses a disk mirroring system and maintains an off-site, redundant server. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure all of the data on The Vantree Network is safely stored and can be restored in minutes.
I have a question that does not appear here. Can anyone help me?
Absolutely. Call us at 514-747-0350 or email us at sales@vantree.com and we'll get back to you very shortly.
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