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Welcome and thank you for your Interest in ASN Builder. This add-on to Web EDI was designed to simplify the creation of ASNs or 'Advance Ship Notices'. Coupled with Web EDI and Seagull Scientifics Bartender®, this product gives you the power you need to implement ASN's in your organization without the cost of buying and implementing ASN software in-house.

Please click the individual sections below to see a variety of screens and an explanation of their function. Or click here to open all panels. All screens are taken from the actual system.

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ASN Builder Login

Just like Web EDI, ASN Builder is accessed through our SSL secured Web site. SSL technology encrypts the data passed between our servers and your Web browser so that nobody can decode your password or documents travelling through The Internet to your computer.

Users of our system simply enter their username and password to gain access to ASN Builder.

ASN Builder Home Page

Upon logging in you are greeted by the ASN Builder Home Page. From this page you can either create/modify an ASN or you can import an ASN from your local hard drive.

At the left hand side of the screen you will see the tree menu, which is used to navigate through your ASN and to add elements such as Orders, Pallets, etc... You also use the tree control to print pick slips, generate labels and release your finalized ASN.

Choose a Partner

The first step in creating an ASN is always the Shipment Screen. When you choose 'Create/Modify an ASN' from the home page you are automatically brought to this screen.

The next step is to select an active profile from the dropdown box. After selecting, the page will automatically reload with the fields necessary to complete an ASN for this partner.

The Shipment Screen

Once an active partner profile is chosen you can either enter the data for a new ASN or recall an existing ASN by pressing the binoculars button next to 'Shipment ID'.

The fields shown will change depending on your partners’ requirements. For example, some partners will require carrier information while others may not. We can also set a default value as in the 'carrier' example shown here. Another option (not shown) would be to add a lookup for the ship-to information which would eliminate re-keying of shipping addresses every time you build an ASN. The options are endless, only limited by your requirements.

Lookup Screens

The image above shows the popup window for recalling an existing Shipment. Once you choose a shipment, the popup is closed and the data associated with the shipment is placed into the appropriate field on the Shipment screen.

The same type of popup screen is available throughout the system, wherever you need them. Part of the setup process is to identify where popups will save time and be most effective.

The Tree Control

Once you have entered all the required data and pressed 'SAVE' the shipment screen is reloaded with the uneditable fields greyed out and the tree control populated with the necessary commands to finish the ASN. If you've recalled an existing ASN the tree control will also be populated with existing elements (Orders, Pallets, etc...)

You will also notice a 'Delete' button at the top right corner of each saved screen. You can delete any element on the ASN or you can start over by deleting the entire document. When you delete a level (ex: Order) any subsequent levels are also deleted (ex: Pallets and Cartons for the order).

The Order Screen

When you choose 'Add Order' you are brought to the Order Screen. This screen and all remaining screens (Trailer, Pallet, etc...) work in exactly the same way as the Shipment screen. That is, each screen asks you for the data that this particular partner requires. Some data might be entered manually but most of the information will come from lookup screens (such as order information from an inbound PO or line details).

The Pick List

Once you have built all your pallets and are satisfied you can print out your pick slip. This report can be used to physically verify your pallets and cases against your data entry. Although not required, it is good practice to do so.

We have purposely kept the pick list very simple. Since each customer will need specific information on their report, we will modify the simple version, adding the required fields and sort orders that you require. This modification is included in the setup fee.

Generating the Labels

Once you are satisfied that the ASN is correct you can generate your label file. This file will be used by Bartender to create UCC-128 labels that are compliant with your partners specifications.

Customers not requiring labels would skip this step.

Sending Your ASN

The last task in creating an ASN is to release it to your partner. Once released, the document is sent to your Web EDI account where it is formed into an EDI document. You can have it held in your outbox so you can check it or have the system send it right away.

If, for any reason, the ASN is rejected by Web EDI or your partner, you can go back and edit the document. It can then be resent with the new changes.

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