AS2 Connect

Vantree's AS2 Connect service allows you to exchange data with your trading partners using a secure AS2 connection. Hassle free, AS2 Connect can save your organization thousands of dollars on purchasing and maintaining an AS2 software solution as well as the costs of additional staff to support your AS2 requirements.

A fully outsourced solution, AS2 Connect is fully compliant with the AS2 standard using advanced encryption and reception confirmation mechanisms built into the AS2 protocol.

AS2 Connect supports the point to point exchange and translation of electronic documents without the additional costs of a VAN network. With AS2 Connect, Vantree will connect you to your trading partner using the AS2 protocol, translate your documents, and provide you continuous piece of mind through our "human touch" customer support and EDI expertise.


  • Cost savings - by eliminating the purchase of an AS2 software solution and the personnel required to support such an endeavour.
  • Time Savings - with Vantree's AS2 Connect service, we can have you trading with your partners within hours versus weeks, if not months, when attempting to provide your own AS2 solution.
  • Heterogeneous Connectivity - Not all your trading partners will support AS2. With Vantree, we can mix and match VAN and AS2 traffic depending on which partner you're trading with.
  • Centralized Management - Get all of your electronic documents in one location, regardless of who sent it and how it was sent.

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